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Genesis of vitaEquilibrium

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

While searching for a name for this practice, it was clear to me that I didn’t want an English or a French word that would limit the concept to a cultural linguistic pre-defined meaning. Neither did I want the practice to be limited to an English or French speaking audience only. I hope that eventually classes and experiences will be offered in other languages.

I searched for symbolic terms or other languages that would be a bit more neutral.

Latin, the root of most modern languages came as a clear answer.

​I wanted something meaningful around life and balance but I really wanted to also get a sense of movement which is the root of the practice.

Momentum, Equilibria, Vitae... what else?

​So I walked in nature and I moved my body. I danced and I let my mental go.

Aequilibrium Vitae came to me.

​I researched again and I discovered something very interesting:

Vitae means life

Aequilibrium is the combination of aequus: equal and libra: level: state of calm and balance.

But put together with vitae, aequilibrium changes its meaning to kinetics. Kinetics of life or movement of life. Aequilibriumvitae.

​Life, Balance, Movement: exactly the spirit.

​But here comes the bummer for which I had to let go of full control and accept the imperfection of life: Aequilibriumvitae web domain was not available so I swapped the words for VitaEquilibrium.

Sorry in advance to all the linguists. The Latin grammar is not totally correct… but I like the name. It resonates well with my original intention.

The name had to be accompanied with a logo, a drawing, an image, something that reflects movement.

One evening, my husband and I sat down in front of a pile of papers and pens and started free styling with designs and shapes. Some came out very simple, others very complex but nothing stuck out. Until Zach drew this very spontaneous shape, in one easy and fluid movement.

So simple but so clear. 2 loops meeting in one elegant movement. That was it.

Then we started to combine and overlap multiple layers of that same design and it became really interesting and rich. Something messy, chaotic but harmonious at the same time.

I feel it is a good representation of who we are and what this practice represents: intertwined layers forming a complex but well balanced design - the human design.

Welcome to Life and Balance / Life and Movement - vitaEquilibrium

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